3 Benefits of Social Media for Small Business|Small Business Tips

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“Big Things Start off Small” ~Jeff Bezos

#1. New Contacts

If your Business is on Social Media, this will automatically bring you new contacts. Did you know that your Customers are now looking for you online even before they even step in the door?

Tools such as Facebook & Google Analytics  or a Klout Score are some examples that show proof of your Social ROI, & Social Currency.  These tools enable you to see which content is helping or hurting your online posts & status updates that effect your brands awareness &  growth.

#2. Leverages Existing Referrals

Old ways of Marketing & Advertising have changed & Social Media is part of that change.

Your Business is well known by your existing customers, Social Media in turn will bring you referrals that haven’t quite made a decision to buy your services or purchase your products.

Customers from Social Media are really very informed, by the posts on your Social Sites. The information you give online helps people make their buying decision; especially when you have the best content that promotes the right engagement. People online are really looking for the value you bring them.

#3. Provides traditional referrals from your peers-

Most likely your peers are already on Social Media, this is no longer taboo, & a question of whats the ROI of Social?

Billions of People are utilizing Social Media to stay in touch with the People, Places, and things that they enjoy in life. This includes your Business Peers,  whom are referring their friends & family to your Services or Products.

Most likely if you are a Business Owner you have a Network of Colleagues whom also have a Business, that are actively engaging with their network, & ready to refer a friend or family to your Business.

This my friends IS THE Beauty of Social.


*GOLDEN TIP* What are you Customers thinking ?

(Here is an insight as it relates to social media):

“Does this Product or Service really care about their Customers”? Are they bringing me interesting information that I need to make my buying decision? Are my friends & family talking about it?”

“Is this page entertaining ? ” and “Is this post cool enough to share on my wall?”

Keeping your Customer/Community in mind on your Social Site Page WILL bring you a duration of success & growth.



Still not Convinced on the Power of Social Media? | Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge creates a chain reaction of attention to a Product, Person , Brand, Group, or Raises Awareness.

The person who accepts the challenge then nominates  3 more people to take the challenge and the challenge continues.

The Challenge is to video record yourself  Dumping an Ice Cold Bucket of water on your head, if you dont take the challenge you are to donate $100 to the Group, Cause, or Charity.

The video essentially gets shared & takes on a new meaning to word of  mouth.

There is currently a Viral Ice Bucket Challenge that raises awareness to ALS Disease known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Social Media enables people to connect in so many ways. Its critical for Small Businesses to be on Social Media now & as it progresses, because there are so many ways to market, and build your community around your fans, clients, and customers.

People like to share, connect with others, and give their opinions online. Technology is moving so fast, and the human aspect of it is  still standing strong. We are all connected.  I employ that you take action NOW on social Media.

Watch this video of CEO Billionaires on Social Media making Home Made videos of themselves they are not only raising awareness but taking action on these Challenges and is making an Enormous impact on the the way that people interact these days.

Do You now see Where You Need To Be Small Business Owners? 


In this Video You will see : Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos Tim Cook, Satya Nadella, Larry Page, Sergey Brin,

CEO of Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon