Media Relations Team Ltd 2014 talks The Real World 20 years ago



Hi I am Felicia Martinez Owner & Founder of #Media Relations Team A Social Media/Brand Management Company. I create and build relationships and  communities on social sites.

Remember when Mtv only had videos?? therealworld1

Well I do! In 1992 -22 years ago Mtv Introduced The Real World – a reality show that I knew that I knew would be a big hit. I loved it.  Something about the realness of people and the lives they lived interested me something serious- this really took off.



Its now 2014- We are in the connection economy and 

there is now a fundamental shift in the way we do business. The idea Mtv had with reality t.v. created a whole new genre of television & the way we viewed it. This soon became popular as other networks followed with their own reality shows like “Making the Band” and “Big Brother”. The  reality element was a definite hit, thus the explosion of reality shows across many networks.

  MTV paved a movement for the last 22 years & reality shows are still going strong for example “The Real Housewives”, &” Keeping up with the Kardashians”, the list goes on & on.  So just like the Reality T.V. Movement; marketing has a huge shift also that’s impacting the way we used to market.

Here we are in 2014 & Social Networks are a super powerful way of connecting people online & its not going anywhere soon.

 #Media Relations Team was officially created  in 2010 with the notion that Social Media was never going away & that more & more people will be turning to Social Networks for consumer related interactions. MRT is leveraging the social media platform & has shifted into the relationship marketing  industry. Its not only about commercials bombarding your consumers, its about consumers finding your brand and building relationships within your social networks. 


Our Vision is to become the largest Social Media Company locally that provides the best quality services and the lowest rates for Small Business Owners.


Our Passion is to help small businesses sustain, succeed, and expand online in an ever changing world.

Keeping you above the competition is our goal! 

Bottom line is people want to feel accepted they want to be heard and share their opinions. 



“We stand for your Brand”


its a #WinWin Situation


Thank you for reading this post ~ Felicia Martinez


Think on this Everyday you Wake up-


‘Do not bother looking in the rear view mirror, it’s the windshield that matters.’

Hello My name if Felicia Martinez Owner & Founder of Media Relations Team Ltd.

As I begin a new journey of becoming a business owner in  2014 I have to keep reminding myself to think forward.  Starting a business will be a great adventure of creativity, hard work, & dedications all in one package.

The biggest challenge of my Life thus far.

I have the deepest desires and passion to become successful every step of the way.

This Blog is dedicated to My Business, My Life, and My Connections. I intend for this blog to not only bring Business posts, but also, personal posts, a place where we can all network, and connect on a social level.

My New Business Venture is Social Media/Brand Management. I am so excited  cant wait to meet all my New Clients =)

I am going to keep this short for now, but I just wanted to introduce myself. Feel free to leave your contact information so we can connect on a business level & trade secrets.

“We stand for your Brand”