I feel like a Million Bucks

Million dollar

We are like magnets – like attract like. You become AND attract what
you think ~ “The Secret”

Having an attitude of gratitude is not only a saying  but it has deeper meaning. Its a feeling! A Real feeling. Do I have a funny experience to tell you about its actually putting the ‘Secret’ to the test in my life. Of all Places this happened to me at Dollar Tree, one of my favorite stress reliever stores, I feel like I actually shopped with just a $20 bill- That’s my budget though I am not too proud to admit.

Back to the topic, I arrived at Dollar Tree & In my car I made a conscious decision & I said to myself, today when they ask me “how are you” (which I know my local store employees always do) I would say ” I feel like a million bucks”  I have NEVER said the words ” I feel like a million bucks” aloud to anyone before. On this day I finally decided to, so I did, & you wouldn’t believe how this turned out (No, I haven’t won the lottery..yet) 

I arrive at the register, & the girl looks at me & says how are you today?” I looked over at the platform where they load the bags, & there sitting is a box of 1 million Dollar chocolate wrapped candy bars. At that moment, I paused ,I touched the Bars, & said ” I feel like a million bucks!” It was the coolest feeling of happiness that surged through my soul & up to my smiling face. !! This story sounds corny but the feeling behind it at THAT moment was unbelievable, its like Magic almost, or believing something into existence.  Sshhh the SECRET – IT WORKS !

dollar tree

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