Uber & Lyft sued by legion of cab companies after launching in Connecticut

This is the situation in Denver also. Can we be more future minded please? Customer Service & Convenience will always be priority, if your “cab” company is doing well, why complain.


|Marketing Strategy 4 Basic Principles| w Brian Tracy for |Small Business Start Up Success



It all begins with an Idea, a Talent or a Passion which turns into A Business Plan. Starting a business takes time & preparation and in the long run  grows your idea into a thriving Business. Watch this video as Brian Tracy Outlines the 4 #Marketing Strategies needed to catapult your business to the next level.




Ask yourself these 4 Questions: 

1.Where am I going to specialize?

2.What Differentiates you from your competition?

3.What Segments you, & who are your Customers?

4.Where is your Concentration?


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