Think on this Everyday you Wake up-


‘Do not bother looking in the rear view mirror, it’s the windshield that matters.’

Hello My name if Felicia Martinez Owner & Founder of Media Relations Team Ltd.

As I begin a new journey of becoming a business owner in  2014 I have to keep reminding myself to think forward.  Starting a business will be a great adventure of creativity, hard work, & dedications all in one package.

The biggest challenge of my Life thus far.

I have the deepest desires and passion to become successful every step of the way.

This Blog is dedicated to My Business, My Life, and My Connections. I intend for this blog to not only bring Business posts, but also, personal posts, a place where we can all network, and connect on a social level.

My New Business Venture is Social Media/Brand Management. I am so excited  cant wait to meet all my New Clients =)

I am going to keep this short for now, but I just wanted to introduce myself. Feel free to leave your contact information so we can connect on a business level & trade secrets.

“We stand for your Brand”



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