A Bridge Between


“The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to

Hello my name is Felicia Martinez Owner & Founder of Media Relations Team Ltd.

My Company is a Bridge Between Mainstream & Traditional Media. There is a Social Media Wave that has bombarded all aspects of marketing as we have known in the past. People are now connecting on social media platforms in the Millions. This mass shift has changed the way the media conducts their business as usual. They have to find ways to connect socially to their audience, because their audience is now online.

Forget the old ways of marketing in the Yellow Pages, and commercials. Now the consumers are finding you. They are typing your company name in Google  reading reviews, and looking for peers suggestions, and trying to connect to your brand online. If you don’t have a social presence online then there is no bridge for your customers to cross, they go in another direction.

Media Relations Team is here to fill the gap, of over priced marketing promotions, traditional ways of marketing, bombarding consumers with commercials and ads everywhere they turn. #MRT is here as a bridge to connect your brand to the consumer in a polite and social way…..they FIND you.

If you are on Social Platforms you are available.

If you have a #Team like ours to back you up , with posts, sharing, & interacting socially on line then you are on your way to more exposure.

Cross the Bridge go to the other side, and free your brand into the World Wide Social Web.

Feel free to leave your contact information so we can connect on a business level & trade networks.

“We stand for your brand”



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